(x)Ability Design Lab

Welcome to the (x)Ability Design Lab, pronounced as “Accessibility Design” Lab, where the “x” embodies our mission to enhance user experience (UX) and learning experience (LX) by dismantling sociotechnical barriers associated with disability. At our core, we believe in focusing on the ability and experience of all individuals, moving beyond the constraints of traditional accessibility discourse.

The symbol “(x)” in our lab’s name is an experience variable and the testament to our multifaceted approach towards inclusivity and accessibility:

By focusing on (x)Ability rather than (dis)Ability, we aim to unlock each person’s unlimited potential. Our lab is driven by the principle of designing with, by, for, and of people with (dis)Abilities. We strive to remove the “(x)”—the barriers—from people with (dis)Abilities, facilitating their access to information systems and contributing to a more inclusive world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance the field of inclusive UX and LX design by: - Conducting groundbreaking research that addresses the challenges faced by people with (dis)Abilities. - Developing tools and methods that enhance the accessibility of digital environments. - Collaborating with communities to ensure our solutions are informed by the real needs and experiences of people with (dis)Abilities.

Join us in redefining accessibility and inclusivity at the (x)Ability Design Lab. Because everyone deserves to experience the world without barriers.